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A message from the desk of your forum moderators: Calexander5 and Paul and FapturboMike.

What’s been going on?

FAPTurbo have recently purchased BRAND NEW forum software, capable of hosting many more people, as well as having lots of exciting features such as voice chat and computer sharing, allowing us to create a better experience for FAPTurbo members. FAPTurbo has gone to considerable expense to ensure that they can support YOU in your FAPTurbo journey and is committed to doing so on an ongoing basis.

The much improved mentoring sessions will be available to you FREE OF CHARGE as always, as and when they occur. Look out for an announcement in the news section for dates of the next session.

Is that it?

No, there is more. We found that many people would like a more detailed approach to mentoring, perhaps going over specific topics in detail. So we have teamed together and come up with a brilliant solution to provide this service. We will now be holding weekly indepth mentoring sessions.

What will happen in the extra mentoring sessions?

Sessions will last 1 hour.

You will have an opportunity to submit your questions prior to the session, on a first come first served basis.

Your questions will be answered LIVE over voice chat by either Paul or Calexander5. FAPTurbo Mike (one of the developers) could be also attending.

We will present the ‘topic’ for the session in detail. We will give you tricks, hints and tips which have made our life so much easier and will ensure you gain a deeper understanding of FAPTurbo, how it works, and more importantly how you can make it work for you.

Topics will be presented using the new media available to us in the chat room, including remote computer viewing so you will be able to see us set up our charts live and run through and explain any confusing details to you.

Okay, now the ‘catch’...

To provide this extra service takes us a good deal of time and extra cost. We therefore are going to ask for a small fee to contribute to this. (don’t stop reading- i promise the fee isn’t going to scare you!).

“Ah, a fee.. i thought so!”

Woaa, hold on! I know it sounds expensive- i mean, how much would you expect to pay to be able to attend a mentoring session? $50, $100, $200... more...? I recently attended a conference which was hosted by a company using the same advanced software that FAPTurbo are now using for their chats, what was the cost? $250 per month!!

No worries, both of us had a good chat with FAPTurbo to ensure we could bring the price down as much as possible and they agreed entirely! (bear with me i’m getting to the point now). We are going to be able to offer this service to you for less than the price of a meal at your local fast food restaurant. The price infact is a very low $13.97 per session. I challenge anyone to find such a mentoring session online at even triple this price!

So please, keep an eye out for the forthcoming update with more details on how to join and what topics we will be discussing (from basic setup help right through to more complex matters regarding settings and helping you with risk management). We very much look forward to the opportunity to speak directly with some of you and help you on a more indepth level in the future and i sincerely hope you decide to join us for at least one of the sessions.

If you have any ideas or contributions to make or a topic you would like to see discussed then please add it here: http://fapturbo.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=4905 This is being done to help you all so please tell us what you need!

What about our free support for life?

That is still a major commitment which FAPTurbo are honouring - remember the occasional mentoring sessions will be FREE as always, although vastly improved!

Whether you join us for the free or the $13.97 session - we look forward to seeing you there!

. Mentoring is booking now! Reserve your seat today before it is too late!

After payment you will receive a receipt from clickbank and will automatically be added to our email list. We will then send out an email containing a link to the chatroom and an access password on the day of the session. Please note that the email will be sent to the same email address which you used when submitting your clickbank payment.
In case you get lost contact us by special email: mentoring@fapturbo.com


Instant Download

"Amazing One Hour Presentation Quickly Get's Fapturbo Newbies Off To a Profitable Start"

This Fast Start video quickly reveals the untold strategies used to quickly get anyone off to a great and profitable start with Fapturbo

What's Revealed in this informative presentation:

1) Get the pairs and strategies to use to insure profits from the start.

2) Picking the right broker and why it is so important.

3) A brief explanation of money management and why you must understand it in order to succeed with Fap Turbo

4) What to do if you run into problems.

And much much more ....

This video is a must if you are just starting out

Instant Download How to Choose The Best Broker For Fap Turbo

This session will deal with brokers in general and specifically things to take into account when choosing the best broker for your Fap Turbo software

Things you will discover.

1) What are the different types of brokers

2) What is a "spread" and why it is important to your trading

3) The Critical difference between live and demo trading and why you need to know this if you want to succeed

4) The deceitful little secret no one wants to tell you about demo accounts but everyone should know before choosing a broker.

5) What type of brokers work best with Fapturbo
And much, much more.
Instant Download Video - Money Management Secrets to Success

An informative look at money management, leverage and risk.

What you will learn in this session:

1. The importance of understanding money management principles
2. What Fap Turbo settings deal with Money Management
3. How to set Money Management settings correctly
4. What is LRR and does it effect my trading
5. Learn how to calculate what your actual profit or loss will be according to lot size- for those who want to set lot sizes manually.
6. Learn about leverage- what it is and its impact on trading.
7. And much much more…….
Instant Download Video - Settings Rundown

Settings Rundown. We will go through the most common settings properties for the latest universal FAPTurbo49 and 50 version. We will give a complete explanation of each setting that can be adjusted by a Fap Turbo user.

What You Will learn.

1). How to get to your Fap Turob settings

2). A complete overview of each customizable setting

3). What settings have the most effect on your Fap Turbo Trading

4).What settings you should never change

5). Why people with same settings can have different results.

6). And much more.

Your booking order includes:
  • Mentoring Session

Click on the checkboxes in the schedule to add/remove sessions to your order.

Order total: $

. Mentoring is booking now! Reserve your seat today while there is still space.

After payment you will receive a receipt from clickbank and will automatically be added to our email list. We will then send out an email containing a link to the chatroom and an access password on the day of the session. Please note that the email will be sent to the same email address which you used when submitting your clickbank payment.
In case you get lost contact us by special email: mentoring@fapturbo.com

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you are able to attend the whole session before submitting your payment. We want you to get the most out of mentoring and so you should be in attendance from the beginning (8pm GMT). Unfortunately we cannot record the sessions since they involve voice chat, presentations, desktopsharing, etc therefore if you are late or unable to attend then you will miss out on the opportunity.

Mentoring Testimonials

  • I was on for the first Fapturbo mentoring session, you did a really great job. You are so knowledge about Forex, ..... I was able to understand you very well. Good Job!!! ...I appreaciate you taking the time to answer my questions. Thank you for your help. Lynn Baxter
  • Hi Donna: This is Andrew. Just want to thank you for that presentation. I think it was great! Can't wait for the next class. Andrew
  • Thank you , Thank you , Thank You, you are so helpful. Thanks to all of you, I have one account that has tripled since opening. Who would of ever guessed that something like this was even possible. Wish you the best in your endeavors. Kirk
  • Good session. I have been trading Forex for 3 years now and I see a lot of newbies in the class that really have no idea what they are doing. Oh well, hey thanks for your time and patience with me as this is my first robot that I have used that works. Geoff
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